Watermark Auditors Incorporated

Watermark’s exceptional levels of client retention since inception in 1980, bear testimony to the calibre of work associated with the company. Public and Private companies with a Public interest score greater than 350 points are required by law to prepare audited annual financial statements.

As a Registered Accountant and Auditor (RA), and an accredited member of both the SA Institute of Chartered Accountants CA (SA), and the Independent Regulatory Board of Auditors (IRBA), Watermark Auditors is well respected for its professionalism and commitment to this process.

The company’s drive to maintain the highest levels of service through facilitating and training future personnel reflects a strong sense of responsibility towards the auditing profession.

Watermark has been awarded accreditation as a Training Office, offering the CA (SA) Training Inside Public Practice programme. The value of an audit extends way beyond the financial position of companies and their reported business performance. Benchmarks are created through audits to ensure that companies become increasingly successful and profitable.

Watermark is a proud member of an international network.

An audit

  • Improves internal controls and reduces the risk of fraud
  • Improves the quality and credibility of information available to stakeholders
  • Makes raising finances easier and more cost effective
  • Assists management in making informed decisions

International network

Watermark is a proud member of an international network.

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